Franklin Court

Antique Franklin Electric Machine robert Whitley Franklin's Electric Machine The creation of a precise copy of Benjamin Franklin's electric experimentation machine. This amazing machine was invented in 1742-47 by Benjamin Franklin. The experiments done on this machine contributed to his great prestige and to the high regard the intelligensia of England and the rest of Europe had for Him. Because of his reputation, Franklin vas able to negotiate advantageously for the United States during revolutionary times. The machine is a complex one of wood turnings and joinery with leather and wrought iron fittings and includes a glass-blown globe, which revolves at high speed against a wool brush, creating a static electricity charge capable of illuminating a room. It is displayed in Franklin Court, 316 market st. Philadelphia.

Franklin's music stand

The recreation of Benjamin Franklin’s Quadruple Music Stand for Franklin Court, Philadelphia. The original is in the collection of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia.Franklin's Music Stand in use

             Among the multitudinous accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin was his musicianship. Playing with a string quartet he became aware of the need to compare the musical arrangements of the other players, so together they could produce a credible result. To solve this problem he devised the quadruple music stand. With a center column and three shaped legs allowing the stand to be stable on any type of floor but also not offering encumbrance for the legs of the other players. The four sided top being able to turn freely on the column allowed the players to quickly turn to each others musical score and make necessary changes. In addition the top contained an access to the interior to allow storage for sheet music. All this was accomplished at the same time and still resulting in a beautiful piece of furniture.